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Data Services

Clean customer data creates cleaner sales opportunities. Let us fetch you clean customer and prospect data, or curate and clean your existing database.

Lead/contact list building and prospepcting service

​Are you planning to launch an outbound drip campaign? Do you want to focus on account-based marketing?


You will only need three core items on your checklist to get started: a campaign plan, engaging content, and a list of targeted leads/contacts.


We can help you with getting those leads by researching different sources such as:

  • People with specific academic, professional, or demographic attributes

  • Companies that match your target persona

  • Events that your target audience attend

  • Industries/verticals that are your perfect customer base, etc.

Here is a price chart to help you decide on the cost structure:

Data Curation Services / CRM Cleanup

Do you have a large database of existing customers and prospects, but the data is not clean? We can do all the required groundwork to ensure your data are up to date and ready to use.

A few example services include but not limited to:

  • Curating existing data (checking if your leads are still at the company, have the right titles, emails, etc.)

  • Curating customer account-level data (updating information as per mergers and acquisitions, updating employee and revenue size, etc.)

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