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About Us

Deyotron is an online business group with multiple wings covering marketing data operations, ecommerce, and retail trading services.


Deyotron started as a cloud-based marketing services agency back in 2011. After serving 50+ clients in 3 continents over the course of 9 years, Deyotron was fully established as a group of businesses in 2020. It is owned and led by Saidur Mamun Khan, who has 15 years of experience in the IT services industry and holds an Executive MBA degree.


Our vision is to help individuals and businesses achieve operational excellence by focusing on their core business needs and taking care of the non-strategic elements of their day-to-day operations. May that be a simple data project or management of a multi-digit portfolio - we make sure our partners have resources to grow productively.


Deyotron currently has three wings under its business group: marketing operations services (catering marketing data projects, lead generation, customer data curation, lead prospecting, etc.), e-commerce (dropshipping and fulfillment by Amazon), and retail trading support (capital market portfolio management, investment support, etc.).

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